​​​​Randall Road at U.S. Route 20 Study​

Project Overview

The grade-separated Randall Road interchange with US Route 20 and its adjacent intersections serves a diverse range of travel demands and access. The existing configuration reflects prior design priority towards through-flow on US 20 (26,000 ADT), but Randall Road (48,000 ADT) clearly now has a greater demand for capacity and has become increasingly entangled in congestion as yearly traffic demand continues to climb. Similarly, Larkin Avenue (17,000 ADT), built originally as a local road, now handles a much higher ADT serving as the southern gateway to Elgin and the most direct hospital access for communities to the west and south. As regional and local traffic patterns have evolved several geometric and operational design deficiencies at and adjacent to this interchange have become exacerbated.​

KDOT recently completed construction of the Randall & Weld/US 20 project which disconnected local access to Weld Road and while this project has reduced delay along Randall through Elgin, the goal for the Randall Road and US 20 study is to explore a correction of geometrics, operations and safety which may require a partial or complete reconfiguration of the interchange. It is the beginning of the process of addressing a long-term wide-range geometric solution that solves congestion issues and reduces the overall demand on driver decision-making.

The key elements of this project are to address increased traffic volumes and access demand and competing jurisdictional interests within the compressed footprint. It is KDOT's goal to have gained consensus with key stakeholders and developed feasible alternatives to bring this project into a Phase I Engineering Study with a shared vision of land use and road/bridge function. This study hopes to address numerous issues and so a fair amount of time will be spent studying driver origin/destination data within the project limits. 

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Project Materials

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